EXHIBITION – Fledgling

“You Can Do It Too” by Pharrell inspired me to hold FLEDGE: ONE. My first solo exhibition. 

I held FLEDGE: ONE in Bermondsey, London, 17 December 2016. I showcased prints of digital work and printed T-Shirts.

In the Summer of 2016, leading up to my first term at UAL: London College of Communications, I began learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. At that time I followed the trend of tracing over anime and video game characters. I had built a body of work that I enjoyed making and was posting it on Instagram back when my tag was “@designercruz”.

The track “You Can Do It Too” by Pharrell Williams inspired me to hold an exhibition for my artwork. I became so invested in producing the show that I focused more on this than my uni work. During the few weeks prior to the exhibition, a friend lent me a vinyl cutter and heat press machine which was my introduction to printing on garments. I created my first clothing designs the same week the show happened, and the hoodie I wore during the show was made the night before.