The finale to my solo exhibition trilogy.

FLEDGE: THREE – “BIRDS EYE VIEW” was the final instalment of my solo exhibitions series “FLEDGE” and has been in the works since December 2018. The show was held on the 10th and 11th of  December 2021.

Planning for the show began during my final year at UAL: LCC and I used my final major project as a means to develop content surrounding the show. It was during this time where I decided to come up with a mascot that would represent the exhibition series; this is where the character “VINCENT” was born. He has since been a staple across my work and acts as a means to experiment with a range of mediums, whilst exploring his narrative and building a universe around the character.

The entire 3D print archive of VINCENT was showcased at the exhibition, from the earliest prints from 2018 that were made at LCC.